China Skid Steer Loader

China Skid Steer Loader China Skid Steer Loader


China Skid Steer Loader TM40Y, TM60Y, TM65Y skid steer loader is the latest skid steer loader product independently developed by us. This product has strong power and abundant attachments, and can better adapt to small space operations. It is an ideal tool for road construction, municipal maintenance, dock loading and unloading, garden maintenance, and pasture production. It has low cost and significant economic benefits. Main Features 1. Advanced international popular manual-servo control systems, are now adopted on Y series loaders to provide customers with ease of operating and high efficienc 2. The machines features simple structure, good value for money, and low cost-in-use, which make them become the most popular classic products in the international market 3. Comprising the 3 models of Y series skid steer loaders all can equips with a variety of domestic or imported engines for options. 4. Optional equipments: A/C, Cabin fitted with a standard heater Backhoe, Breaker, Angle blade, Auger, Sweeper, Pallet fork, Combination Bucket, Mower, Asphalt Cutter and so on Main Specifications ModelJC45YJC60YJC65Y Rated Operating Load (kg)700850950 Max. Travel Speed (km/h)12121.12 Rated Flow (L/min)62.57575 Tyre Model12-16.512-16.512-16.5 Engine ModelXinchai 490Xinchai 490TXinchai 498 Rated power (Kw)374555 Furl Tank Capacity (L)708080 Operating Weight(kg)270028003000 Bucket Capacity (M3) Overall Operating Height (mm)398040004000 Height to Bucket Hinge Pin (mm)308031003100 Height to top of Cabin (mm)214021602160 Height to Bottom of Level Bucket (mm)291329332933 Overall Length without Bucket (mm)264027502750 Overall Length with Bucket (mm)342034903490 Dumping Angle at Maximum Height (%)404040 Dumping Height (mm)238024002400 Dumping Reach (mm)700750750 Rollback of Bucket on Ground (%)303030 Rollback of Bucket at Full Height (%)104104104 Wheelbase(mm)9919911085 Ground Clearance (mm)185205205 Angel of Departure (%)202020 Front Turning Radius without Bucket (mm)116811981204 Front Turning Radius (mm)195819582030 Rear Turning Radius (mm)163017281706 Rear Axles to Bumper (mm)110812081082 Tread Width, Centerline to Centerline (mm)145015001500 Width (mm)172018801880 Bucket Width (mm)174018801880China Skid Steer Loader website: